Program Planning

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Residential Life Learning Goals

Critical Thinking and Academic Excellence
      • Identify, analyze, and assess information in a comprehensive manner
      • Use problem-solving and decision-making skills
      • Engage with faculty and staff
      • Develop personal and educational goals and objectives
Self-Empowerment and Life Skills
        • Manage time effectively
        • Articulate needs and utilize appropriate resources
        • Be accountable and accept consequences for choices and mistakes
        • Comply with policies and regulations
        • Manage stress and use coping skills
        • Maintain a clean living environment
Effective Citizenship
        • Respect self and others
        • Understand role within communities and participate in community governance
        • Respect others’ and university property
        • Support sustainable living practices (recycling/composting/minimal waste efforts)
        • Engage in constructive action
Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
        • Understand personal identities and privilege and how they interact within a diverse community
        • Value new ideas, and cultural and lifestyle differences
        • Describe the advantages and challenges of a multicultural society
        • Seek involvement with people different from oneself
        • Challenge the use of stereotypes and the unfair or uncivil behaviors of others
Effective Communication
                    • Exhibit effective listening and comprehension skills
                    • Write and speak effectively with attention to introducing self, tone, tact, coherence, appropriate language and public speaking skills
                    • Model honesty
                    • Explain rationale for personal behavior
                    • Be attentive to non-verbal communication