Going Abroad Spring 2012?

Please note that candidates going abroad for the spring 2012 semester should not feel as though they are at a disadvantage by not being able to go through the general selection process.

Applicants from the classes of '13 and '14 who will not be on campus during the spring 2012 semester are strongly encouraged to apply before leaving campus at the end of the fall semester. In order to be guaranteed an interview before you leave, you must submit your application by Monday, December 5, 2011.

However, if you will have frequent access to the internet, email, and phone while you are away, you are also welcome to submit your application materials while you are abroad and no later than February 13, 2012 at 5pm EST. We will schedule a phone or Skype interview with you (with costs covered by the Office of Residential Life).

Our office asks that as you leave for winter break to please give us your contact information and how to reach you while you are abroad. If this information is not available to you before you leave for your study abroad program, please e-mail this information to Maureen Isleib at when it is available.