Social Justice Leadership Conference 2012 Schedule

Saturday, April 21, 2012
10:30AM Registration

Usdan 300 (DFC)

Keynote Address and Brunch with Mark Masselli Usdan 300 (DFC)
Session Block One: 12:15PM
12:15PM Radical Accessibility
presented by Ariel Schwartz '12 and Catherine MacLean '14 from Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights
Usdan 110
12:15PM Teacher and Training Accountability
presented by Andrew Ribner '14
Usdan 108
12:15PM How to be a Good Trans* Ally
presented by Nico Vitto '12
Usdan B25 (MPR)
Session Block Two: 1:15PM
Educational Markets, Testing and Accountability in Comparative Perspective
presented by Catherine Doren '13 and Daniel Long
Usdan 110
1:15PM WesDEF Presnets: Conflict Resolution within Activism
presented by Mariana Eversley '14 and Janika Oza '15
Usdan 108
1:15pm Religious Impact on 2012 Election
presented by Halbert Weidner and Erin Chase '15
Usdan B25 (MPR)
Session Block Three: 2:15PM
2:15PM Connecticut Education Reform
presented by Andrew Ribner '14 and Patrick Riccards from CONNCAN
Usdan 136
2:15PM Failing Schools and Violent Neighborhoods: Intersecting Problems and Solutions
presented by Alyssa Bonneau '14 and Sam Mcallister '14
Usdan 110
2:15PM Considering Opportunity - Confronting Racial Segregation in 2012
presented by Erin Boggs '93
Usdan 108
2:15PM Self-Care as a Radical Technique in Queer Community Organizing
presented by Sarah Lamming '13
Usdan B25 (MPR)
3:00PM Reflection and Wrap-up with Elisa Del Valle and Gretchen Streiff Usdan 300 (DFC)