Please Note: Social Event Submission Starts on September 11th.

Hosting a Social Event

You will need to make sure you do the following to ensure that you have a successful event:

  1. Become Host Trained - Host training is an online course through the Moodle system which helps you to understand your legal responsibilities and Wesleyan policy regarding social events as well as the resources available to you to help you have a successful event. You can enroll in the course by emailing us. You may also view the host training presentation here.
  2. Reserve the space and fill out your Social Event Registration and Woodframe Registration through Room Request under the "Event Scheduling and Calendaring section of your WesPortal. Submit no later than 1 p.m. on the Monday prior to events occurring that Thursday to the following Wednesday for any event with special needs (including furniture, staging, catering, electrical set-up, AV equipment, or Event Staff, or an event with alcohol). Events with no special needs must be registered by Wednesday at 1 p.m. for events occurring that Thursday to the following Wednesday.
  3. Request any set-up needs such as reserving tables, chairs, staging and/ or electrical support if needed at least 5 business days in advance. 
  4. ANY EVENT REQUIRING A CONTRACT - i.e. off campus bands, artists, DJ's, etc. will require 4-6 weeks to process the contract.  Contracts cannot be processed without a room reservation.

Social Event Policy Overview

Social events/parties/concerts occurring in University buildings, on University grounds, or in recognized student housing must be registered with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development if the following apply to the event:

  • There will be 50 or more people in attendance for a residence hall, apartment building event, or non-residential space, or there is no provision for limiting attendance to fewer than 50 people (for a residence hall, apartment building event, or non-residential space), and any of the following apply:
    • No formal program or agenda is planned.
    • Admission will be charged.
    • The event will be open to any persons who are not Wesleyan students.
  • There will be more people than the posted indoor house capacities for an outdoor woodframe event (indoor woodframe events are limited to the posted capacities) with any or all of the criteria above applying to the event.
    • The University supports students having social gatherings in their houses as long as these gatherings do not cre­ate a disturbance to neighbors. Students hosting an event should always consult with neighbors in advance.
    • All woodframe houses have an indoor capacity that is determined by the City of Middletown Fire Marshall (and posted inside of the residence) and thus, any gatherings that remain within designated house capacity do not need to be registered. 
    • In the case that a woodframe house would like to host an outdoor event (which may exceed the posted indoor house capacity), the residents must register the event in Room Request (EMS) per the University’s Social Event Policy.
  • Specifically excluded from this policy are concerts with fixed seating, lectures, art show openings, meals (unless it is an outdoor barbecue), closed organizational meetings, and events designed specifically for educational rather than social purposes.

To view the full Social Event Policy, click here.