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Research in the Sciences, Summer 2014, Workshop and Minicourse Schedule

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Wed. May 28,
12:45 pm

Woodhead Lounge

(after picnic lunch)

*Introduction to Summer Program and Overview of Workshops

M. Weir


Receive opening packet and enrollment forms.

[Safety and Animal Use Training sessions by W. Nelligan and P. Shatos follow]

Frid. May 30,

Allbritton 204

Last names

A-K at 1 pm,

L-Z at 2:30 pm

*Submission and Review of Research Abstracts  
 (In consultation with faculty research advisor, post abstracts to Moodle by noon.)

M. Weir See also Jan A. Pechenik's A Short Guide to Writing About Biology, 6th Ed. (2007, Addison-Wesley) on Reserve in the Science Library (useful for aspects of all workshops).

Tues. June 17 & Tues. July 1

3-4:30 pm
Woodhead Lounge

Science Writing M. Hingorani Introduction to science writing and reading

Jun and Jul 
1:30-3:00 pm (*except where noted)

Allbritton 204

Workshops: Introduction to Scientific Computing and Informatics E. Kaparakis and colleagues

Computational thinking and programming are becoming increasingly valuable across the sciences.  In consultation with your research mentor, consider joining introductory workshops on one or more of the following topics:

Unix & cluster (June 9-12) (*10:30-noon)

Python (June 17-20)

Mathematica (June 23-27)

R (July 1-July 3)

GIS (July 7-18)

SQL & databases (July 21-23)

4 Monday meetings:

June 16, 23, July 1, & 7

3:30-5 pm Allbritton 204

July 1 only: 10:30-noon

Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis

E. Kaparakis

The director of the Quantitative Analysis Center will run a series of 4 hands-on workshops to introduce participants to statistical analysis software (Stata); discuss experimental design and data consideration and review basic statistical techniques used in the analysis of experimental data.  

Thurs. July 31,

1-3 pm

Exley Science Center Lobby

*Poster Session

Summer Fellows

Boards and easels will be provided for poster set up in the morning, and presenters will view each other's work.  After lunch (provided) and keynote address, posters will be presented to the rest of the community and invited guests.

All Summer Fellows are asked to participate in the first two workshops and the concluding Poster Session (marked with *). The Summer Moodle will be introduced at the first workshop, so students can submit and critique workshop assignments on-line. For an extra copy of the Enrollment Form (due at the Abstracts workshop, Friday May 30) click here.