Senior Honors Theses, Since 1996




2011 Thinking Through the Lens: Reframing Experiences of Breast Cancer Taylor Cain
2011 Embracing Complexity: AModest Pluralism@ and the Future of American Psychiatry Benjamin Fuchs
2011 Djinn and Tonic: A Study of Health Care and Healing in Coastal Kenya
Alix Haber
2011 Private Matters for the Public Good: The Dispensary Movement in 18th C. England Barbara Pohl
2011 Redesigning Masculinity in the Pursuit of Public Health 
Sophia Sadinsky
2010 Debating Contraception, Defining Motherhood: Women, Doctors, and the State in the Politics of Birth Control Leah Aronowsky
2010 Discipline and the Care for Nature Benjamin Weisgall
2009 A Critical History of Mindfulness-Based Psychology David J. Gordon
2008 Reform and Perpetuation in Mind-Body Medicine
Adam Baim
2008 Unraveling the Hawthorne Effect: An Experimental Artifact >Too Good to Die= Rebecca Broches
2008 Intervening In Complexity: A Developmental Theory of Climate Change 
Emily Rowan
2008 Resistance to Dam Nation (Environmental Politics in Panama) Jeffrey Stein
2007 Scientific Words Lost and Found: Public Networks and the Making of the Oxford English Dictoionary Emily Rosenberger
2007 Modeling DNA Mismatch Repair Lillian Walkover
2005 The History of Malaria Control in West Africa Lee Grodi
2004 Trans/scendence: Ethical Possibility in Intersex Management Brittany Allen
2002 Victims of Insight Manic Depression, Honesty and the Artistic Disposition Jessica Bohl
2002 A Healthy Baby or a Nice Experience: The Imposed Choice in American Birth Vanessa Stubbs
2001 An Epidemic of Meaning: HIV/AIDS and the Social Constructions of Woman
Talia Inlender
2001 Visions of Cloning in Newspapers, 1978-Present
Jacob Kattan
2001 More Than Kin and Less Than Kind: Thomas Jefferson and Eden Robins
1999 Ethical Considerations for Germ-Line Genetic Modification Chad  Bartell
1999 Exhibiting Sperm: Visualization and Reproductive Sciences Christine Hanssmann
1999 Re-Defining Boundaries: Re-Naturalizing Arthriti(c)s
Jennifer Karlin
1999 Doctoring Medicine: Six Doses of Physician-Activism
Margo Simon
1997 Funding Strategies in Agricultural Science
Sarah Osterhoudt
1996 Representations of the Ovaries in Writings on Menopause
Aruna Chandran
1996 Information Technology in Non-Profit Organizations Adam Roessler
1996 Ren Tai Duo (AToo Many People@)--Population Science in China) Sigrid Schmalzer