Student Affairs - Dean's Office

Housing Accommodations

Wesleyan University is a residential campus that requires all students to live on campus throughout their entire time at the college.  Housing accommodations will be made for students with documented disabilities.  Student's preferences for specific housing will be considered, but may not always be met. Students needing housing accommodations must submit their Request for Housing Accommodation to the Disabiltiy Resources office and provide supporting medical documentation by the appropriate deadlines.  Failure to submit the complete information by the deadlines may delay or prevent the college from meeting the request.

Service and Assistance Animals

Students with disabilities who require the use of Service or Assistance Animals as a reasonable accommodation may be permitted to bring such animals on campus provided that they comply with the University’s policies regarding such animals. Students who seek to bring a Service or Assistance Animal to campus must first contact Disability Resources (North College, Room 021 or 896.685.2332). Disability Resources will determine, on a case-by-case basis, and in collaboration with other offices on campus, whether to approve the student’s request for a Service or Assistance Animal. In making this determination, Disability Resources will consider the needs of the student, as well as the impact of the animal on the campus community. Students seeking to have a Service or Assistance Animal in undergraduate or graduate housing must submit a request for review each academic year as well as disability documentaiton in support of the request.