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Student Judicial Board Process Advisors

(Please Note: Training sessions are offered periodically by the Dean of Students Office and the SJB.  If you are interested in additional information please contact the Dean of Students Office) 

When charges are filed against a student, there are several possible options for disposing of the case. For some students, the entire process of appearing before the Student Judicial Board (SJB) can be upsetting and somewhat confusing. Process advisors have been trained on Wesleyan's peer-based judicial system, and are available as advisors to students who have had charges filed against them. Process advisors will not function as "legal counsel" for the student, but will serve as informational resources as the student navigates the system.

In hearings involving alleged violations of the University’s sexual misconduct and sexual assault policy, both the complainant and the respondent may have an advisor of their choice assist them throughout the hearing process.

Process Advisors

Louise Brown
Dean for Class of 2017
Deans' Office, North College

Phil Carney
Head Coach of Crew (M)
Freeman Athletic Center

John Crooke
Head Coach of Cross Country
Freeman Athletic Center

Maureen Isleib
Associate Director of Residential Life
Office of Residential Life

Joyce Jacobsen
Professor of Economics
Economics Department, PAC 331

Frank Marsilli
Campus Center Coordinator
Usdan University Center

Geoff Wheeler
Head Coach of Soccer (M)
Freeman Athletic Center

Student Process Advisors

Vanessa Bernard, '16

Lily Donahue, '15

Kate Cullen, '16

Lily Herman, '16

David Hong, '16

Christian Hosam, '15

Rebecca Hutman, '17

Jessica Katzen, '16

Bruno Machiavelo, '16

Martin Malabanan, '16

Chloe Murtagh, ‘15

Jacob Musinsky, '15

Wayne Ng, '16

Ellen Paik, '16

Gordon Pignato, '15

Nishaila Porter, '15

Alex Rachlin, '15

Ted Shabecoff, '16

Grant Tanenbaum, '15

Alton Wang, '16


Residential Life Student Staff (HRs, RAs, and House Managers) are also available to advise you.