Requesting a Peer Tutor

The first person you should see if you are having difficulties in a course is your course instructor. Peer tutoring should be used to supplement other means of support such as TA sessions, the writing and math workshops, and sessions held by peer advisers. If you still need more intensive, individualized tutoring, you may request individual tutoring by following these steps:

1. Inform your course instructor that you are requesting a tutor.

2. Complete the Tutor Request Form.

3. Read the Guidelines for Students Requesting A Tutor.

4. Meet with your class dean for approval. All students requesting a tutor must have the approval of their class dean.


Tutor Request Form

Please enter all fields (first and last name, class year, etc.)

If you are requesting a specific tutor or have specific requirements, please include this information in the comments section below prior to submitting your request to avoid confusion.

Do not start working with a tutor until you are assigned by the Deans' Office! A tutor will not be assigned without approval from your class dean.

By submitting this form, you agree to abide by the Guidelines for Tutors and Students Requesting a Tutor.

You must schedule a time to meet with your class dean for approval of this request.