Student Affairs - Dean's Office

To: Members of the Class of 2012
From: David Phillips, Dean for the Class of 2012
Subject: Preparing for Graduation

Welcome back to the senior year!

This on-line "packet" contains important information about the graduation process and Wesleyan's graduation requirements. Please review the contents carefully and contact me immediately (217 North College, x2757,, if you have any questions or concerns.

Preparing for Graduation: Explains Wesleyan's graduation requirements, the Senior Concentration Form, the Credit Analysis Report, oversubscription, December Completion, and honors.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Senior Year: Answers to common questions about graduation requirements and the graduation process.

Academic History: Your academic history can be found in your e-portfolio in the "Wesleyan Career" bucket.

Senior Concentration Form: The form, on which you will list the courses you have taken and will be taking to complete your major. The form must be signed by an authorized advisor in your major department. If you are a December Completion, it is due on Friday, September 16 in my office.

Credit Analysis Report: The link to this report, which reviews your academic record in light of oversubscription and monitors your progress towards meeting graduation requirements, can be found in the "Weselyan Career" bucket in your e-portfolio.

Honors and Thesis Information: Deadlines and other important information for students undertaking honors theses.

Graduation does not just happen; you must make it happen! It is important that you fully understand Wesleyan's graduation requirements (concentration, credit, GPA, residency) and that you are able to interpret your academic record in light of these requirements. As the you choose courses and build a program of study for your senior year, it is essential that you know exactly where you stand in terms of fulfilling Wesleyan's graduation requirements so that everything goes smoothly when degree certification takes place in the Spring. Remember, you are responsible for your own graduation and you must fulfill all graduation requirements to participate in the Commencement ceremony on May 27, 2012.

Have a great senior year! I look forward to working with you!

David Phillips
Dean for the Class of 2012

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