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Transfer students may count certain courses transferred from their previous college or university to fulfill Wesleyan’s General Education Expectations. The process involves matching each course that has been transferred with an equivalent course in the Wesleyan curriculum that fulfills a General Education Expectation.

What you should do...

  • Using a Transfer Credit Evaluation for General Education Equivalency form (available from the Deans’ Office) list your transfer courses in the left column. In the next two columns, use WesMaps to list the courses from the Wesleyan curriculum that most closely match the courses from your previous institution. For less obvious matches, be prepared to provide documentation (e.g. course catalog description, syllabus) to justify the match that has been made. Partial credit courses can be listed. Questions regarding the appropriate matches of transfer courses should be directed to your class dean.
  • From the WesMaps description for each Wesleyan course you have identified as an equivalent to a transfer course, use the next two columns to identify the GenEd Area and GenEd department for each course. Please note that not all courses at Wesleyan count for General Education. If you cannot find a Wesleyan equivalent for a transfer course or if the course you have identified as an equivalent does not have a GenEd designation, then you will not be able to get GenEd credit for the course.
  • Submit the completed Transfer Credit Evaluation for General Education Equivalency form to your class dean.
  • An update of your General Education analysis will be in the portfolio under Wesleyan Career, click the tab "General Education Report" for review.