Student Affairs - Dean's Office

Applying to the College of Social Studies as a Sophomore Transfer

If you are interested in joining the College of Social Studies, Wesleyan's multidisciplinary major focusing on economics, government, history, and political and social theory, there is one space available, and we expect more spaces to open up over the summer. You may learn more about the CSS by consulting our webpage (see address below), and if you have questions you may write to Professor Donald Moon, Co-Chair or to Professor John Bonin, Co-Chair. The application form can be found on the CSS web page and must be filled in and sent to Professor Donald Moon on or before 12:00 noon on Friday, June 28, 2013. We will let you know by mid-July whether you have been admitted or placed on the wait list. If you are waitlisted and a space opens up, we will notify you immediately. Please note that the major, which begins in the sophomore year, has an economics requirement. For specifics, consult the CSS web page