Student Affairs - Dean's Office

Support and Counseling Resources for Students

Public Safety (x2345) will assist in contacting "on call" staff members after business hours

Office of Affirmative Action
North College, 237 High Street


   Sonia Mañjon Vice President for Diversity and Strategic Partnerships and Chief Affirmative Action Officer x3927 smanjon
   Patricia Stephenson Gordon, Affirmative Action Specialist x4771 pblount

Office of Counseling and Psychological Services
Davison Health Center, 327 High Street
(Staff available 24/7 via "on call" when classes are in session)


    Dr. Jennifer D'Andrea, Director x3144 jdandrea

Student Affairs/Dean of Students
North College, 237 High Street
(Staff available 24/7 via "on call")


    Richard Culliton, Dean of Students x2627 rculliton
    Scott Backer, Asst. Director of Student Life/Student Conduct x3162 sbacker01


Student Affairs/Deans' Office
North College, 237 High Street
(Staff available 24/7 via "on call")


    David Phillips, Dean for the Class of 2012 x2757 dphillips
    Louise Brown, Dean for Academic Advancement and Dean for the Class of 2013 x2762 lsbrown
    Marina Melendez, Dean for the Class of 2014 x2764 mmelendez
    Noel R. Garrett, Dean for the Class of 2015 x2774 ngarrett
    Sarah Lazare, Associate Dean of Student Academic Resources x3084 slazare


Student Affairs/Office of Diversity and Student Engagement
North College, 237 High Street

    Renee Johnson-Thornton, Dean of Diversity & Student Engagement, Associate Coordinator, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Program




Office of Public Safety
208 High Street
(Staff available 24/7)


    David Meyer, Director x2809 dmeyer


Office of Residential Life
North College, 237 High Street
(Staff available 24/7 via "on call")


    Fran Koerting, Director  x3550 fkoerting
    Maureen Islieb, Associate Director x3550 misleib
    Stacey Phelps, Assistant Director x3550 sphelps
    John Maher, Operations Coordinator x3550 lcarrasquill
    Liliana Carrasquillo, Area Coordinator x3550 dabrown
    Jonathan Connary, Area Coordinator x3550 jconnary
    Daniel LaBonte, Area Coordinator x3550 dlabonte
    Brian Nangle, Area Coordinator x3550 bnangle
    Head Residents
    Resident Advisors
    House Managers
    Community Advisors


Sexual Assault Crisis Service
(24-hour State Hotline)
1-888-568-8332 (Spanish)


University Chaplains
169 High Street
    Tracy Mehr-Muska, Protestant Chaplain x2227 tmehrmuska
    David Leipziger, Jewish Chaplain/Rabbi x2278 dleipziger
    Adeel Zeb, Muslim Chaplain x2275 azeb
    Fr. Hal Weidener, Catholic Chaplain x2285 hweidener


University Health Services
Davison Health Center, 327 High Street
(Staff available 24/7 via "on call" when classes are in session)
    Joyce Walter, Director x2656 jwalter
    P. Davis Smith, M.D., Medical Director x2664 pdsmith


Other Administrative Resources
    Lisa Hendrix, WSA Administrator x4996 lhendrix
    Timothy Shiner, Director of Student Activities x2467 tshiner
    Elisa Del Valle, Assistant Director of Student Activities x2143
    Frank Marsilli, Campus Center Coordinator x3559 fmarsilli
    Alice Hadler, Associate Dean of International Student Affairs x2832 ahadler
    Michael Sciola, Director of Wesleyan Career Center x2180 msciola


Other Student Resources
    8-to-8 Peer Listening and Referral Service x7789
    Ajua Campos x2410
    Asian/Pacific American Alliance x2410
    Queer Resource Center x2425
    Sexual Education Counseling Service x3420
    Students of Color Council x2427
    Ujamaa x2410