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Sustainability Action Planning Workshop

The Sustainability Office and Sustainability Advisory Group (SAGES) hosted a workshop to brainstorm and develop creative new ideas for Wesleyan’s next Sustainability Action Plan on Friday, February 21, 2014 .  Most of the workshop was spent working in small groups, focused on the following areas, which correspond to sections of the proposed plan:

Working Groups


Buildings and Grounds Improving sustainability of new and existing buildings
Dining and Food Increasing sustainable food and beverage purchases, reducing waste, and using sustainable products
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Affordability Increasing diversity, inclusion, and equity on campus and making Wesleyan education affordable
Education and Research Integrating sustainability into curriculum and research
Energy Conserving energy, improving efficiency, and increasing the use of renewable energy
Engagement (Campus and Community) Expanding and improving extra-curricular sustainability learning experiences and giving back to the community
Grounds Improving grounds maintenance practices and increasing sustainable plantings and hardscapes
Health and Well-Being Improving the health and well-being of the Wesleyan community
Planning Institutionalizing campus sustainability policies and practices
Purchasing Increasing sustainable purchases and companies that support sustainability
Transportation Decreasing single-person vehicle travel, increasing the use of alternative transportation, and decreasing air travel
Waste Increasing waste reduction, reuse, and recycling
Water Reducing campus water usage


The results of this workshop are currently being used to inform the creation of new goals, objectives, and strategies for Wesleyan's Sustainablity Action Plan.  To learn more or to get involved, contact Jen Kleindienst.