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Wesleyan’s ITS department is addressing sustainability and technology across campus:

Our Fleet

  • In 2007, ITS had a fleet of 4 vehicles: a van, a small station wagon, an electric truck, and an SUV truck.
  • We have sold the SUV, and plan to replace the van and car with a hybrid and/or another electric truck at some point in the future.
  • We estimate our fleet now produces approximately 25,000 fewer pounds of CO2 than in 2007.

Double Sided Printing

  • ITS has installed duplex printing on all black and white printers in computer labs and in the Science and Olin libraries.
  • Computers in our labs and the libraries have been reconfigured to default to duplex printing.


  • ITS now considers compliance data from the Green Choice Alliance when evaluating technology purchases.  
  • All ITS employees and managers have been instructed to include green criteria, including energy usage, source materials and components, and recyclability in their purchasing decision making.
  • New servers and network components are must meet sustainability criteria.
  • ITS has committed to purchasing paper with 30% recycled content for its printers in all labs and libraries.


  • All computers and peripherals brought to the Computer Service Center are either reused by other users, stripped for parts, or recycled.
  • The Wesleyan community is invited to bring e-waste to the Computer Service Center around Earth Day each year for reuse or recycling.


  • ITS has tested a number of computers, peripherals, and monitors for their energy usage to have a baseline of technology energy usage.
  • This baseline assists us in evaluating the energy use advantages of new and replacement technology.

Thin Clients

  • ITS is looking at a number of test environments for Thin Clients – terminal like computers that connect to central servers for applications and file storage.
  • Thin Clients can save significant amounts of energy over standard PC configurations and reduce the amount of heat produced, thereby reducing the amount of AC needed during the summer months.


  • Virtual machines are being increasingly used to reduce the need to purchase new hardware and to reduce energy usage.
  • Terminal servers are being employed to give administrative assistants at Wesleyan access to EMS rather than purchasing new hardware.
  • Permission of Instructor and Pre-Requisite Override forms are now electronically submitted rather than with paper.

Energy Management

  • ITS has implemented power management controls for PCs throughout campus. This has resulted in considerable energy reduction and cost savings.
  • ITS is also investing in sophisticated timers that will turn classroom technology on and off when not in use and will be remotely managed.


  • ITS has developed Rideboard, available in Portfolio, for all members of the Wesleyan community to use.
  • Users can submit rides, or submit requests for rides to Wesleyan or departing from Wesleyan.

Cardinal Technology Center

  • Sells only recycled paper
  • Offers external hard drives with minimal packaging and green components
  • Recycles ink cartridges, batteries and light bulbs
  • Offers EPEAT Gold monitors for sale
  • Urges staff to walk to service calls instead of using vehicles
  • Highlights sustainable products in a green sales display

Wesleyan Station (Post Office)

  • Students receive emails when they have packages rather than a piece of paper in their mail box.
  • Shelving for boxes and recycling bins in Usdan basement for boxes encourage reuse and recycling.