What's recyclable changes between countries, states, and even towns.  What you can recycle at home might be different than at Wesleyan.  Click the expandable links below to learn more about recycling and contact Jen Kleindienst with any questions.  

Mixed Recycling (Single Stream)

  • Paper
    • White/colored paper (including post-its; staples are ok)
    • Envelopes (if you can tear the envelope, it's recyclable; including junk mail, manila envelopes, and envelopes with windows) 
    • Printer paper wrap
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Corrugated cardboard (wavy inner layer)
    • Boxboard (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc.; remove plastic liners)
    • Pizza boxes (rip in half; greasy parts are trash)
    • Milk cartons, juice boxes, soup cartons
    • Hardback/paperback books (remove hardback covers)
    • Coffee cup sleeves
  • Plastic

    Recycling Symbols 1-5

    • ALL Plastic #1 - 5 (drink bottles, yogurt cups, shampoo bottles, peanut butter jars, laundry baskets, milk jugs, plastic bins, etc.); check the bottom of most plastic containers for these symbols

    Recycling Symbols 6-7

    • SOME Plastic #6 (Solo cups, etc. - NO cutlery, foam clamshells, foam cups)  
    • SOME Plastic #7 (NO "compostable" ware, including Pi/Usdan cups)
    • Milk cartons, juice boxes, soup cartons
  • Glass
    • Bottles and jars (rinsed/emptied, leave caps on)
  • Metal
    • Drink and food cans
    • Aluminum pans and take-out containers
    • Aluminum foil (clean)
    • Aerosol cans containing non-hazardous substances (shaving cream, whipped cream, hair spray, etc.)
    • K-Cup foil lids (detach from plastic)
  • Cardboard
    • Corrugated cardboard (wavy inner layer) can go in recycling bins if small; if large, flattend and put next to your mixed recycling container
      • New this year: this includes pizza boxes (just make sure to eat the pizza)
    • Non-corrugated cardboard (single layer, like a cereal box), can go in recycling bins

    NO food, drink, or other contamination (small amounts of grease are ok)

These items cannot go in mixed recycling bins but are still recyclable. Find a collection location.
  • Other Recycling

    Recycle in neon green bins at Exley lobby (near Pi) and Usdan (north entrance)

    • Batteries (lead acid, NiCad, Li Ion, NiMh, Li)
    • CDs, DVDs, and cassette tapes
    • Cell phones
    • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
    • Ink cartridges
    • Small electronics
    • String/holiday lights
    • Writing utensils (all pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters)

    Contact Bill Nelligan in Facilities

    • Aerosol cans containing hazardous substances (paint, other chemicals))
    • Large electronics
    • Fluorescent light bulbs
    • Ink cartridges
    • Motor oil
    • Scrap metal

    Reuse via Freecycle or Donate

    • Packing peanuts
    • Bubble wrap
    • Textiles and wearable shoes (Big Brothers Big Sisters donation bins are in L lot by Butterfield A, in High/Low Rise parking lot, and at the Hewitt Circle)

Trash (Incinerator)

  • SOME Plastic

    Recycling Symbols 6-7

    • SOME Plastic #6
      • foam clamshells
      • foam cups
      • plastic cutlery
    • SOME Plastic # 7
      • All PLA/"compostable" plastic cups and lids - Bon Appetit's cold cups are compostable but not recyclable
    • Plastic bags (may be marked Plastic #4)
    • Air bubbles for shipping
    • Bubble wrap (reusable)
    • Bubble envelopes
    • Plastic/Tyvek envelopes (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.)
    • Plastic wrap
    • K-cup coffee pods (lids recyclable)
    • Straws
    • Photos
  • SOME Paper
    • Paper cups (those from Usdan/Pi are compostable)
    • Paper towels (even if unused; unbleached ones are compostable)
    • Tissues
    • Plastic/Tyvek envelopes (if you can't tear the envelope, it can't be recycled)
    • Glossy/photo paper
    • Paper with crayon/poster paint
  • Other
    • Pyrex dishes
    • Light bulbs (CFLs and LEDs are recyclable in the green bins in Usdan and Exley lobbies)