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Wesleyan's recycling and trash goes to MIRA in Hartford; you can see a video of the single-stream recycling process on Dainty Rubbish's website (our waste hauler).  Trash goes to a waste-to-energy incinerator in Hartford; the waste ash gets landfilled.  

Wesleyan promotes the 5 Rs:


Reduce and Reuse

  • Wesleyan's Freecycle program provides a way for the Wesleyan community to reuse unwanted items.
  • The annual Waste Not collection and tag sale prevents move-out waste from ending up in the incinerator and saves students money in the fall.



  • Composting programs for Usdan, Summerfields, and student residences turn food and yard waste into rich compost.

Contact Information

Jeff Sweet, SAGES Recycling Subcommittee Chair
(860) 685-3763

If you have issues with recycling pickup, call Customer Service at (860) 685-3400.