American Studies

Where We Recycle

For a list of what can be recycled in campus recycling bins, visit our single-stream recycling page.  For information on where to recycle other items, see below or contact Bill Nelligan.



Aerosol Cans (paint ONLY)

Cassette Tapes

Cell Phones

Computers and Electronics

Printer Cartridges (inkjet, bubble jet, laser, toner)

String Lights (new!)

  • Ink cartridges can be recycled at Cardinal Tech in Usdan
  • For small items: 
    • Put in the green recycling container in Exley lobby (near Pi Cafe)
    • Campus mail to Bill Nelligan, 170 Long Lane
  • For large items: email or call x3400 for pickup
  • Put printer cartridges in a sealed plastic bag or the plastic wrapper holding your new cartridge

All Glass, Metal, Plastic, and Paper

  • Mixed recycling bins are available at most locations on campus.

Batteries (Lead Acid, NiCad, Li Ion, NiMh, Li)

  • Put in the green recycling container in Exley lobby (near Pi Cafe)
  • Hall-Atwater by elevators on ground & first floor
  • Campus Mail to Bill Nelligan, 170 Long Lane
Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, and Packaging Materials
  • Campus Mail to Bill Nelligan, 170 Long Lane
  • Freecycle
Corrugated Cardboard
Includes all cardboard with an inner wavy layer. Cardboard must be clean (no grease, food, or dirt contamination).
  • Throughout campus buildings: completely flatten box, and place next to your mixed recycling container
  • Science Center loading dock
  • Usdan (lower level by Post Office)
Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Bulbs
Motor Oil
Scrap Metal
  • Bulky scrap metal bin, behind 170 Long Lane.
Styrofoam (block)
  • Science Center loading dock
Textiles (reusable, includes clean linens, towels, clothing)

Shoes (wearable)

  • Butterfield A parking lot (“L” lot) -- Lawn and High Streets (container next to the cardboard dumpster)
  • Parking lot for High Rise and Low Rise residence halls, off Church Street
  • At the end of McConaughy Drive, behind the Foss Hill residence halls (benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters, Nutmeg Chapter).
  • Freecycle