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  Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 04:30 PM- 06:00 PM

    Satoshi Koibuchi, Chuo University "What Will Happen After Currency Internationalization? Angles from Japan" The lecture will provide the overview of the internationalization of the Japanese Yen in Asia. Based on recent surveys on currency invoicing pattern of Japanese major exporters that establish broad production-sales networks across Asia, it will provide a prediction for the circumstances under which such Japanese firms would use the emerging country's currency to invoice their trade. In addition, the lecture will provide a historical perspective on what was achieved for Japanese economy through the 30 years process of yen internationalization.
    Location: FEAS Seminar Room (Mary Houghton Freeman Room)
    Admission: Free
    Sponsor: Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies
    Contact: Ann Gertz, Ext. 2330 or agertz@wesleyan.edu