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  Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 08:00 PM- 09:30 PM

    Professor Edwin Seroussi: Israeli Musical Paradoxes: The Case of Joe Amar (1930-2009). Discourses about Israeli popular music abound in stereotypes that derive from internal social tensions based on ethnic, religious, and class differences within the Jewish population of the state. This presentation challenges one of the most debated stereotypes, the persistent "East/West" divide. Through a discussion of the array of images (sonic, visual and linguistic) associated with Joe Amar, the legendary "Oriental" Israeli singer of Moroccan origins, some of the basic tenets of this ubiquitous divide are destabilized. New and unsuspected interpretations of Amar's oeuvre emerge from a comprehensive post-colonial reading of his life. Professor Seroussi is the Emanual Alexandre Professor Musicology and Director of the Jewish Music Research Centre at Hebrew University.