Summer 2008

ARTS 624
Visualization in Black and White: Building a Photographic Portfolio

Rudensky,Sasha; Seeley,J.

06/23/2008 - 07/10/2008
Monday-Thursday 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Zilkha Gallery 106

In this three-week intensive course students will refine their professional black and white darkroom techniques, while developing a personal aesthetic. Students will be asked to test their technical skills and develop their artistic voice while shooting a subject of their choice: landscape, portraiture, street photography, still life, etc. Though attention will be paid to creating technically sound negative and prints, the emphasis of the course will be on the development of a unique and cohesive body of images. Students are expected to have some prior photography experience, or permission of the instructors.

Students will work in the Zilkha lab, which features professional enlargers and high-quality lenses. The topics of study will include: exposure, printing, visualization, photographic design, idea generation, and editing. We will also offer one-on-one consultations with students outside of class. Approximately half of all class time will be spent in the darkroom, while the remaining time will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and most importantly, print critiques. There will be an additional optional printing session offered weekly.

The text will consist of handouts that will be available in class on a daily basis. No other text will be required.

A major component of the course is shooting done outside of class: students will be required to shoot a roll of film (36 exp) for each meeting. Film development and contact proofs will be done by the darkroom staff in time for class. The final portfolio will consist of 8-10 technically competent, visually strong, cohesive images.

For consistency, everyone will be required to shoot Kodak Tri-X 400 film and use Ilford Multi-Grade IV RC glossy paper. Because of the fast-paced nature of the class, students are required to attend every class meeting. This is a film-based class; digital equipment will not be acceptable. Students should have a working manual single lens reflex 35mm camera.

Students will be charged a $275 lab fee to cover chemicals and lab operation. This includes all film development and contact proofs. Out of pocket expenses, which include film, paper, and mat board costs should average approximately $150. Any students who are pregnant or who have known allergies to photographic chemistry should not register for this course.

A syllabus for this course is available at:
Course Syllabus

Sasha Rudensky (B.A. Wesleyan University; MFA Yale School of Art) is visiting assistant professor of art. She was the recipient of the Mortimer Hays Brandeis Traveling Fellowship in 2004-2005, which resulted in the series Remains. She is currently working on a portrait series Demons. Her work has been shown in Danziger Projects, New York; Gallery 339, Philadelphia; Rooke Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa; Jen Bekman Gallery, New York and others. Click here for more information about Sasha Rudensky.

J. Seeley (B.A. SUNY Buffalo; M.F.A. Rhode Island School of Design) is professor of art and author of High Contrast (Focal Press, 1992). His photography has been featured in more than 60 exhibitions, is collected by the Museum of Modern Art, the International Museum of Photography, Eastman House, and many academic museums. Click here for more information about J.


Consent of Instructor Required: No

Format: Studio

Level: GLSP Credits: 3 Enrollment Limit: 11

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