Fall 2005

ARTS 655
Measured Drawing


09/12/2005 - 12/17/2005
Thursday 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Zilkha Gallery 106

This course has two interrelated goals: to make accurate measured drawings of artifacts ranging from small objects to buildings, while simultaneously conveying analytical observations. Drawing will begin as a search to discover, but will become a means to explain, communicate, and celebrate an idea. Ultimately, the goal is to create a re-seeing of the subject matter one is drawing.

The course is intended for those interested in developing an analytical vocabulary in visual language through the study of measured-hard-line drawing. The mechanical aspects of this type of drawing will be examined in relationship to techniques and ideas of hands-on explorations. Emphasis will be placed on analysis, invention, composition, and two- and three-dimensional representation. We will start by learning to draw two-dimensional representations such as plans, sections, and elevations, eventually learning three-dimensional drawing, including axonometric and perspective views.

During the semester, projects will challenge students to be precise in the framing, composition, and hierarchical representation of subject matter on the page. These graphic tools assist in the communication of an idea and in the search for personal visual expression through drawing.

Students will be required to keep a small sketchbook throughout the semester, as a means to strengthen the act of "seeing" which is critical to any kind of visual communication. Six projects will be assigned during the term. Each assignment will begin during the studio hours and must be completed outside of class. Every new project will be accompanied by an introductory lecture and a final critique. Students will be graded based on the ability to convey information in drawings as directly related to the stated intention for the project. Participation in critiques and general class discussion will be expected. There will be regular desk-critiques during class.

Prerequisite: at least one basic drawing course.

Enrollment is limited to 14.

Additional course fee: $100

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Barrett Feldman (B.A. Wesleyan University; M. Arch. Harvard University) is visiting assistant professor of art. She is an architect specializing in public space, whose recent projects with Rogers Marvel Architects (New York) include designs for New York's Battery Park City Streetscape, University of Georgia Lamar Dodd Art School, and New York University's Planning and Construction Offices. She was awarded a 2002-2003 Fulbright fellowship to study public open space in Tokyo.


Consent of Instructor Required: No

Format: Studio

Level: GLSP Credits: 3 Enrollment Limit: 14

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