Summer 2003

The Creative Process: Improvisation/Choreography/Performance

Widrig,Patrik; Pearson,Sara

06/23/2003 - 06/27/2003
Monday-Friday 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM

Schoenberg Dance Studio

By exploring numerous approaches to the creative process, students will create dance compositions and perform them informally in this week-long immersion course. This course will study how to begin and how to continue the creative process, from the initial making of an inventive, musical dance phrase, to structuring full evening dance-theatre works filled with images rich in mystery, humor, and beauty. We will focus on how the mind helps, how the mind hinders, how to feel/know the "yes" when body, mind and heart are alive and in agreement, how to keep working when the "yes" doesn't come, how the "where" affects what you do, and how what you hear affects what you see. In highly specific structured improvisations that evolve into set choreography, participants will find a more sentient and vibrant performing presence. We will develop a sharper capacity to identify the "conversation" one is having with another or with oneself. Working with structures, narratives, and scores that investigate the new and revitalize the familiar, we will emphasize ways to break down habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and moving, replacing them with an increased ability to play with weight-shift, breath, momentum, rhythm, space, time, design, sensation, and memory. Choreographic skills that melt resistance and stimulate ideas and discipline will inspire unique performance styles that arise from the sentient body, the curious mind, and the open heart. Through daily solo, duet, and group assignments, we will discover different ways of releasing and structuring the voices waiting to be heard through movement, ideas, sensation, deep feeling and memory. These explorations will culminate in the students' informal showing of the compositions they have created throughout the week.

In preparation for the course, students are required to read Peter Brook, The Empty Space. Additional readings will be posted to the GLSP Web site. Creative writing will be a part of the daily sessions, and participants will keep a daily journal of both the workshop exercises, assignments, and explorations, as well as their individual responses, ideas, and questions. In their final entry, they will examine how their experience and understanding of the creative process grew or changed throughout the week. This course is open to the fearful and fearless of all ages and persuasions. Movement, music, words, and environments of all kinds will be explored. No previous dance experience is required, but success in the course depends on the willingness, ability, and courage to move, as well as a zest for developing the creative process of dance composition.

Assignments to be completed in advance of course. See GLSP Web site for further information.


Consent of Instructor Required: No

Format: Studio

Level: GLSP Credits: 3 Enrollment Limit: 18

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