Spring 2006

HUMS 634
The Literature of Tudor England: Drama and Poetry

Friedberg,Harris A.

01/23/2006 - 05/06/2006
Tuesday 06:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Downey 100

This course attempts to put Shakespeare back into his own, Elizabethan age, by studying his plays and poems alongside those of his contemporaries. Shakespeare's literary career spans an increasingly troubled age that sees the emergence of the modern state and the deconsecration of the monarch, the construction of the modern psychological subject, and the interrogation of the patriarchal control of sexuality. In literary terms, it is a period of extraordinary innovation and invention in literary forms: the sonnet, tragedy, comedy, and even the invention of the soliloquy. Shakespeare's literary career spans an important age in the rise of England to the status of a modern state and an international commercial, cultural, and military presence, as well. In this course, we will study a number of different themes and topics to trace the growth of this remarkable age.

Readings include: Sidney, Defence of Poesie (125-7, 136-49); Spenser, "October"; Anon., Everyman; Marlowe, Dr. Faustus; Kyd, Spanish Tragedy; Shakespeare, Hamlet; Anon., Arden of Faversham; Heywood, Woman Killed with Kindness; Shakespeare, Othello; Petrarch (selections); Wyatt (selections); Sidney, Astrophel and Stella (selections); Shakespeare, Sonnets (selections); Donne, Songs and Sonnets (selections); Shakespeare, Twelfth Night.

The course is designed as a seminar; regular attendance and participation in classroom discussion are expected and will make up part of your grade. Assignments include two papers and one in-class presentation. A syllabus for this course appears on the GLSP Web site.

A syllabus for this course is available at:
Course Syllabus

Harris Friedberg (B.A. Harvard University; Ph. D. Yale University) is associate professor of English. Recent publications include: "Prose and Poetry: Wimsatt's Verbal Icon and the Romantic Poetics of New Criticism," Poetics Today, 26 (2005). Click here for more information about Harris Friedberg.


Consent of Instructor Required: No

Format: Seminar

Level: GLSP Credits: 3 Enrollment Limit: 18

Texts to purchase for this course:
Anonymous, ARDEN OF FAVERSHAM (Norton), Paperback

Thomas Dekker, THE SHOEMAKER'S HOLIDAY (Norton), Paperback

Thomas Heywood, A WOMAN KILLED WITH KINDNESS (Norton), Paperback

J. Hollander, LITERATURE OF RENAISSANCE ENGLAND (Oxford University Press), Paperback

Thomas Kyd, THE SPANISH TRAGEDY (Norton), Paperback

William Shakespeare, HAMLET (Oxford University Press), Paperback

William Shakespeare, OTHELLO (Oxford University Press), Paperback

William Shakespeare, TWELFTH NIGHT (Oxford University Press), Paperback


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