Summer 2011

SCIE 631
Forensic Science and Crime


07/04/2011 - 08/05/2011
Tuesday & Thursday 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Science Tower 139

Think Crimes are really solved in an hour with time for commercial breaks? Did you ever wonder what really happens at a crime scene? This course will give the participants the opportunity to become criminologists by introducing concepts as important and diverse as proper documentation of a scene to evidence chain of custody to analytical, physical and chemical testing in a hands-on environment. Ethical and legal issues as well as admissibility of evidence and case studies of famous crime cases will be discussed. Lectures by the instructor as well as experts in the field will prepare students for group discussion and lab work in fingerprinting, fiber analysis and other physical testing used in today's state-of-the-art forensics labs. The course will encourage collaborative learning as students work on teams to solve crimes and report findings.

Student performance will be evaluated through short weekly lab assignments, discussion participation and a final team project involving the analysis of a crime scene.

Enrollment is limited to 18 students.

This course is open to auditors.

The deadline to withdraw and receive a tuition refund for this course is Wednesday, July 6 at 5:00 pm. Please visit our website for a complete list of registration and withdrawal dates for this session.

A syllabus for this course is available at:
SCIE 631

Andrea Roberts (BS Cornell University, MS Polytechnic University, PhD Wesleyan University) is visiting instructor in Chemistry. Her research focuses on inorganic chemistry. She has 32 international and United States patents in addition to several publications including "Sterically Congested Bisphosphite Ligands for the Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed Hydrosilation of Ketones," Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon, 2002, written with Joseph Bruno and Stephen Pastor.


Consent of Instructor Required: No

Format: Seminar

Level: GLSP Credits: 3 Enrollment Limit: 21

Texts to purchase for this course:
Girard, Criminalistics: Forensic Science, Crime, and Terrorism 2nd Edition

Reading Materials are available at BROAD STREET BOOKS, 45 Broad Street, Middletown, 860-685-7323 Order your books online

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