Summer 2004

SCIE 635
Coastal Ecology


06/29/2004 - 07/29/2004
Note: Special Schedule -

Science Tower 137

This field course focuses on life at the edge of the sea. Our primary focus is on the life histories and ecological relationships of plants and animals of coastal dunes, shores, salt marshes, and waters of southern New England. In addition, we discuss the post-Pleistocene history and dynamics of the coastal environment. The course consists of an introductory classroom meeting, eight field trips, and a wrap-up classroom session. The grade is based primarily on a field notebook that includes a detailed record and diagrammatic profile of ecological patterns observed during our trips (e.g., the distribution and abundance of flora and fauna with respect to water depth or elevation above sea level). In addition, the course includes a practical component that emphasizes the development of identification skills, to be evaluated through an examination covering the characteristic plants and animals of coastal habitats of Long Island Sound.

Students must be capable of the physical exertion involved in extensive walking, wading, and canoeing/kayaking.

This special schedule course will meet in the classroom on June 29 and July 29, 9-11:30 a.m. Class will meet in the field each Tuesday and Thursday, July 1-27, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Geoffrey Hammerson (B.S. University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder) is a research zoologist at NatureServe and is author of more than 70 reports and publications, most recently, The conservation status of the world's reptiles (Biological Conservation, 2013, with M. Bohm et al.) and Rapid assessment of plant and animal vulnerability to climate change (in Wildlife Conservation in a Changing Climate (University of Chicago Press, 2012, with Young et al.) Click here to read an article about Geoff and his GLS courses.


Consent of Instructor Required: No

Format: Seminar

Level: GLSP Credits: 3 Enrollment Limit: 16

Texts to purchase for this course:
Mark Bertness, THE ECOLOGY OF THE ATLANTIC SHORELINES (Sinauer Associates), Paperback

Dreyer & Niering, TIDAL MARSHES OF LONG ISLAND SOUND (Connecticut College Arboretum), Paperback


Kenneth Gosner, A FIELD GUIDE TO THE ATLANTIC SEASHORE (Houghton Mifflin), Paperback


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