Directions on how to request a timeslot for the Usdan B22 Music Rehearsal Room

  1. Log into your electronic portfolio.  Look for the Room Request link in the Student Life at Wesleyan section to access Virtual EMS.
  2. Once in EMS, under the Reservations tab, select "Usdan B22 Music Rehearsal Room". 
  3. Dates and Times - the room is only avalable after 5pm Mon.-Fri. and on weekends.  We would like to know any and all of the times you or your band is available to rehearse.  You are requesting timeslots only and not actually booking the space.  This will only be available Mon. Sept. 15 - Sun. Sept. 21.  For example, if you know that you are available to rehearse on Mondays anytime from 5p-9p please select the 15th as your date and list these times as your start and end times.  You are now on the "Wait List".  We also ask that you request times at the top of every hour.   If you are part of a band please only have one member request time.
  4. In the Event Details section please list your band name, if you don't have one list yours.  Select Rehearsal as the Event Type.
  5. In the Event Description section please list all the names of your band members. This is crucial so that they are added as members of the Co-Op.
  6. You must hit submit - ignore the error message.  If you are unsure if your request went thru, go back to the Reservations tab and click on "View My Requests".  You should see what you requested there.
  7. After the 21st, the timeslots will be reviewed and you will be assigned a regular rehearsal time.  You will receive an email confirmation.  Per the policies outlined below, no booking will be more than 2 hours.

By reserving the Music Rehearsal Room you automatically become a member of the Usdan Music Co-Op (USMC) and must abide by the policies outlined below. 

Usdan Music Co-Op Policies

The Usdan Music Co-op (USMC) is a student group made up of Wesleyan musicians that is responsible for the upkeep and organization of the Usdan Music Rehearsal Room.  Members of the USMC are expected to ROCK OUT in the room RESPONSIBLY.  This means respecting the WSA-funded equipment and maintaining the cleanliness of the room.  We also strongly encourage you to communicate with us and with other members of the USMC regarding how to make the room a better environment for all of us.


  • You must treat the equipment with respect.  If you require training on the equipment, please email the USMC President.
  • You may not take any equipment out of the room at any time.
  • You may only reserve the room up to the 3 times per week, for a maximum of 2 hours per session (6 hours/week).  Bookings may only be made for the current semester.
  • You must cancel your time 24 hours before you have booked the room.  (You may do this by calling the Usdan Info Desk at ext. 3566). 
  • You must maintain the cleanliness of the room. Pick up your trash or die.
  • At the time of your reservation, please go to the Usdan Info desk first to have a Student Manager open the room for you.  If you require the use of microphones, you can borrow up to two at the desk but you must leave your Wesleyan ID.  It wil lbe returned to you when you return the microphones.

If you fail to adhere to these policies, you are at risk of losing your privileges to the music room. As members of the USMC, we encourage you to use the space for any and all musical endeavors!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail your USMC presidents:

Matan Koplin-Green
Jared Fineberg