Usdan Center Student Employment Application

Thank you for providing the information requested at the bottom of this page.  Once your application is received it will be reviewed by a supervisor from the Usdan Operations Department.  You will be contacted for an interview based on position availability and your responses.

Position Summaries:

Students are given the opportunity to work in different areas and aspects of the operation of the University Center. We look at work at the Usdan University Center not as a typical “work study” job but an additional learning experience outside of the classroom. It is important to us that we stress to our students that if they are not willing to be part of a dynamic learning environment where they will be asked to actively think, then this is not the right place for them. Each job provides the student with the ability to grow personally and laterally in their position based on their commitment and performance. Students will develop several different skills sets that can easily be applied or adapted to any chosen profession upon graduation.

The Student Manager Intern* is responsible for the general supervision of Usdan University Center / Fayerweather facilities.  The Student Manager Intern is responsible for hosting organizations that sponsor events and meetings in the University Center.  This person shall have working knowledge of and enforce all Usdan University Center, and Wesleyan University, policies and procedures.  This is our lead position and requires individuals to supervise their peers. Skills / Qualifications we are looking for: customer service, approachable and friendly, strong written and verbal communication, attention to detail, assess situations quickly and solve problems, flexibility, ability to work under pressure, positive attitude, team player.  Previous supervisory experience and work study preferred but not mandatory.  A cover letter and resume is required to apply for this position*.

The Information Center Staff is responsible for being the point of first contact for all patrons of the Usdan University Center/Fayerweather facilities.  Whether such contact is by phone or in person, the Information Center Staff will be the source for information on events, activities, policies, and procedures in Usdan and Fayerweather.  Information Center Staff will have a working knowledge and understanding in all these areas for both buildings and will be expected to exercise excellent customer service skills.

The Setup Crew is responsible for the setup and breakdown of rooms in the Usdan University Center/Fayerweather facilities.  Those on the Setup Crew shall have a working knowledge of all furniture, equipment, and supplies in both buildings, and all applicable storage areas.  Setup Crew shall also be familiar with all rooms in both facilities, and their standard and any uniquely requested set up patterns for these rooms.

Due to conflicts in training schedules and the demands of the position, if you intend to work for Residence Life or are planning to be a Peer Advisor, you are not eligible to apply for a Student Manager Intern position.

For additional information please email:

By submitting this information you certify that what you have provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge.  You also give permission to the Usdan Operations Department to view your academic and judicial records since they must be verified for purposes of your candidacy.