Emeritus College Program

Starting next fall, the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty will begin a two-year pilot program, "Wesleyan Emeritus College."
The Wesleyan Emeritus College was established to encourage undergraduates to explore the prospect of taking individual tutorials within their areas of interest from retired faculty members.  Faculty participants in this program have been specifically approved to administer tutorials for credit by their parent departments.  Students are encouraged to approach retired faculty members listed in this program to explore the possibility of arranging a tutorial.  All of the faculty members participating in the program are willing to give tutorials, but will necessarily be selective in the proposals they accept.  
The Wesleyan Connection featured a story about this pilot program here.

David Beveridge

Joshua Boger University Professor of the Sciences and Mathematics Professor of Chemistry Professor, Integrative Sciences
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Jack Carr

Professor of Theater, Emeritus
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Alex Dupuy

Professor of Sociology, Emeritus
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Richard Elphick

Professor of History, College of Social Studies, Emeritus
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Al Fry

E.B. Nye Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
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Russ Murphy

Professor of Government, Emeritus
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Yoshiko Samuel

Professor of Asian Languages and Literatures, Emerita
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Karl Scheibe

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
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Nancy Schwartz

Professor of Government, Emerita
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Al Turco

Professor of English, Emeritus
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Arthur Wensinger

Marcus L. Taft Professor of German Language and Literature and Professor of the Humanities, Emeritus
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Duffy White

Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature, Emeritus
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