What is the purpose of the project?

One of the hardest parts of being a student leader at any college is the lack of institutional memory. Students, by definition, are only going to be at Wesleyan for about four years. By the time any sort of historical perspective is gained, it's time to graduate. Especially for political groups that work with long-term and complex issues, making any real progress is very difficult.

The purpose of the project is to improve our institutional identity. By documenting our past successes and failures, we can improve the efficiency of student groups, and provide them with new ideas and contacts.

How does it work?

The project is organized as an undergraduate group tutorial, sponsored by the History Department and supported by the University Archives. Members of the tutorial receive one credit in return for researching a particular topic. The group meets every other week in order to discuss research methods with a Professor and members of Archives staff. Each student is expected to turn in a long research paper, as well as provide supplementary materials for this web site. Some extracts will be published in the student magazine Hermes, and possibly in other venues as well.

If you are a current Wesleyan student interested in taking part in the tutorial, email wesunity@wesleyan.edu with your name, Wes ID, class year, and proposed research area. We recommend doing some preliminary research to make sure your topic is feasible. Hopefully the tutorial will be offered each semester indefinitely. We especially need people willing to take a leadership role in making sure their tutorial is successful that semester, and people with computer skills to assist with this site.

Tutorials for the Spring 2000 semester are split by research area into two groups-one for student life in general, and one focusing more on activism. For more information about these current tutorials, visit the contribute section.