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As the northeast digs out from a long winter, we turn to thoughts of spring. Wesleyan UP has an exciting spring line up, including new poetry titles Itself (Rae Armantrout), Mr. West (Sarah Blake), Heliopause (Heather Christle), and The Glory Gets (Honorée Fanonne Jeffers). In addition, we have two books forthcoming from the Wesleyan Film series, The Cinema of Errol Morris and The Lives of Robert Ryan, and a few new books from our Garnet Book series: Heroes for All TimeHomegrown Terror, and In History's Wake
new garnet books
Our spring books have received some attention from the media. Flavorwire posted three poems from Mr. Blake, with accompanying videos. The Boston Globe recently posted a slide show of photographs from In History's WakeHeroes for All Time was featured in The Hartford Courant, in a lovely piece that includes an online slideshow. Rae Armantrout's Itself was a Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week, and Heliopause was on TimeOut New York's short list of Most Anticipated Books of Early 2015The Glory Gets is the April pick for the Rumpus Poetry Book Club

News & Highlights

#tbt: The Burr-Hamilton Duel
Interview in Weehawken: The Burr-Hamilton Duel as Told in the Original Documents was published by Wesleyan University Press in 1960. It didn’t end well for Hamilton.   Wesleyan continues to publish books of local history today, and distributes books for The Acorn Club of Connecticut, whose mission is to gather and publish significant primary source…...

#tbt: Hilda Raz, “From Your Mouth to God’s Ear”
Today’s Throwback Thursday selection is Hilda Raz’s “From Your Mouth to God’s Ear” from her 1997 collection, Divine Honors—the winner of the Nebraska Book Award for Poetry in 2002. . . From Your Mouth to God’s Ear Off the cliff, into air, the mother shout blackberry-jam thick, stirred down into a soothing lick on the…...

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