The Director Within

"What a treat to read these interviews with so many directors I have known and to learn more about them, their courage, individuality, compassion, vision, insight, and wisdom and to hear the shared theme of love for the media and love as a theme in their lives and their work.”
—Jeremy Kagan, film and television director


We're pleased to announce photo-journalist Rose Eichenbaum's latest book of thoughtful interviews on the creative process, The Director Within: Storytellers of Stage and Screen. This time, Eichenbaum turns her cameral lens towards well-known directors of both stage and screen. She pairs her intimate photographs with interviews with each director. Above is a photo of Mel Brooks, by Rose Eichenbaum and included in her book. 

News & Highlights

New book by Fred Moten: The Little Edges
<div>We are pleased to announce a new book by Fred Moten, The Little Edges. Poems that play in the sonic texture of discourses The Little Edges is a collection of occasional pieces in which Fred Moten extends his experimentation in what he calls “shaped prose”—a way of arranging prose in rhythmic blocks, or sometimes shards, […]</div>...

Gerald Vizenor visits Minneapolis and the White Earth Nation
<div>Gerald Vizenor read at the Bockley Gallery, in Minneapolis, on November 14th, where Louise Erdrich introduced him. Vizenor then headed northwest, approximately 225 miles, to visit the White Earth Nation. On November 19th, he was a co-signer of the Constitution of the White Earth Nation. At this time, Dr. Vizenor was honored with a golden eagle feather for his service as […]</div>...

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