The Director Within

"What a treat to read these interviews with so many directors I have known and to learn more about them, their courage, individuality, compassion, vision, insight, and wisdom and to hear the shared theme of love for the media and love as a theme in their lives and their work.”
—Jeremy Kagan, film and television director


We're pleased to announce photo-journalist Rose Eichenbaum's latest book of thoughtful interviews on the creative process, The Director Within: Storytellers of Stage and Screen. This time, Eichenbaum turns her cameral lens towards well-known directors of both stage and screen. She pairs her intimate photographs with interviews with each director. Above is a photo of Mel Brooks, by Rose Eichenbaum and included in her book. 

News & Highlights

#tbt: Tricia’s Rose’s Black Noise
This week’s Throwback Thursday post, the final post for our Black History Month series, features one of Wesleyan University Press’ best-selling titles, Tricia Rose’s Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America. Rose’s book is one among many published by Wesleyan on African American music and musicians. Other books include Monument Eternal: The Music of Alice Coltrane,…...

Philip Levine, 1928-2015
A few years ago, at the AWP conference, Mr. Levine stopped by at our booth. He shared a funny story with me. Apparently he sent a follow up manuscript to Wesleyan, after publication of Not This Pig. It was rejected. We had a good laugh over this. Of course, Mr. Levine went on to become…...

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