John Cage Was, in stores on October 20th!

John Cage Was

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Rhythms of South India, in Persian!
Wesleyan University Press is pleased to announce the release of a Persian language edition (Aref Music, Iran) of Solkattu Manual: An Introduction to the Rhythmic Language of South Indian Music, by David P. Nelson. The book, a first of its kind, is a step-by-step introduction to South Indian spoken rhythm. It includes instructions for designing performable pieces, […]...

The Strand to celebrate the last poems of Harvey Shapiro
We are pleased to announce a new book by Harvey Shapiro, A Momentary Glory: Last Poems. A celebration of Shapiro’s work will occur on Tuesday, September 30, at 7:30 PM, in the Rare Book Room of The Strand Book Store (828 Broadway at 12th Street, NYC). Read more here.   The distinguished poet Harvey Shapiro passed away on […]...

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