The Music/Culture series examines how music functions as a social force. The series includes studies of musical practices from all over the globe and from different historical moments. Music/Culture focuses on how music reflects and shapes concepts of the body, gender, emotions, the self, and social organization. Music/Culture strives to integrate a variety of approaches to the study of music, linking analysis of musical significance to larger issues of power—what is permitted and forbidden, who is included and excluded, who speaks and who gets silenced.


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The Music/Interview series embraces the principle that any good interview is about the creative use of dialogue, not simply about extracting information through the mechanics of question-and-answer. Books in the series will focus on encounters with significant figures in music, presenting the most provocative and resonant interviews possible. The series will represent artists who not only made their mark through their musical work but have also had insightful and profound things to say about creativity, politics, and culture.


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