WesWell, the Office of Health Education, is an integral part of Wesleyan University's Health Services. WesWell understands the impact of student health on academic performance and is committed to providing services that are designed to develop healthy behaviors and prevent health concerns that may interfere with academic and personal success.

Events & Announcements

WE Speak WE Stand Bystander Intervention Training - Febrauary 23rd, 7-10pm and March 29th, 3-6pm. You can find details about the training here.  Registration forms will be available 1 week before each training.

Information about Molly - WesWell is committed to having accurate and balanced conversations about alcohol and other drugs.  The information in this handout can be a starting point to conversations about molly and guide you towards resources.

Weekly Narcotics Anonymous meetings - on campus Wednesdays at 7pm.  Visit www.ctna.org for information.