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Experience Winter Study at Wesleyan!

Students will have the opportunity to return to campus in early January to take a course for credit or to participate in Career Center programming. Visit the pages for these programs to learn more about how to participate in Winter Study at Wesleyan!

Winter Session Courses

January 6-19, 2016

Registration is now open!

Housing and dining deadline: noon on Wednesday December 2.

If students do not require campus housing or dining, they may register up until December 18.
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2016 Course List now available! Visit the Winter Session homepage for more information.
AMST245 Personalizing History
Indira Karamcheti
ARTS490 Introduction to Digital Arts
Christopher Chenier
ASTR111 The Dark Side of the Universe
Ed Moran
COMP112 Introduction to Programming
James Lipton
ENGL234 Jane Austen and the Romantic Age
Stephanie Weiner
GOVT155 Peace Versus Power: International Relations in the Modern Age
Giulio Gallarotti
GOVT311 U.S. Foreign Policy
Douglas Foyle
QAC201/SOC257/GOVT201/PSYC280/NS&B280 Applied Data Analysis
Lisa Dierker

Winter on Wyllys encompasses a variety of career programming options designed for students to focus on their own career development over Winter Break.
WEShadow Externship Program
Careers by Design
Winter WESpeakers
Teacher Generation
Wall Street Prep
Details on each program will be available on CareerDrive later in the fall!