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Experience Winter Study at Wesleyan!

This year, students took the opportunity to return to campus in early January to take a course for credit or to participate in Career Center programming. Visit the pages for these programs to get an idea of what next year will be like!

Winter Session CoursesJanuary 7-20, 2015

COMP 112: Introduction to Programming
James Lipton

ECON 241: Money, Banking and Financial Markets
Masami Imai

ENGL 234: Jane Austen and the Romantic Age
Stephanie Weiner

QAC 200/PSYC 293: Introduction to Data Management 
Jennifer Rose

GOVT 311: United States Foreign Policy
Douglas Foyle

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Winter on Wyllys 2015 encompasses a variety of career programming options designed for students to focus on their own career development over Winter Break.

WEShadow Externship Program
January 5 – 16

Choosing Good Work
January 12 – 16

January 12 – 16

January 12 – 15

Teacher Generation
January 12 – 16

Wall Street Prep
January 19 – 20

Bloomberg Aptitude Test
January 21