Research Opportunities

Where on campus to find information on summer internships, research opportunities, and grad schools, received and listed by department.

Compiled by Wesleyan Women in Science 1999
[See also hard-copy and on-line listings from the Career Resource Center.]


Information posted or filed.

Contact person in dept office.

Support for research at Wesleyan.


(& NS&B)

3 Bulletin Boards:
Stairwell next to bio office
-summer programs & internships
- field research -- environment & ecology
Across from bio office, by 265A Hall-Atwater
-grad schools & jobs
Also, Box on top of mailboxes in Bio office.

Blanche Meslin, 257 Hall-Atwater, x3237


See indiv. faculty members. Hughes support for some student summer research, also some faculty grants & other programs.

See also Hughes Summer Program for Life Sciences


Bulletin Board:
Across from MBB Office, by 265B Hall-Atwater

Deborah Alexson, 205 Hall-Atwater, x2403,

See indiv. faculty members. Hughes support for some student summer research, also some faculty grants & other programs.


Bulletin Boards
-By rooms 445, 449, and 405 SC

Dept. Chair.
Jelle DeBoer (S’00)
Rm 447 SC, x2254

Dept. support for Student Field Camp (6 wks geology course at various US locations); Hughes program, and individual faculty research


(& Molecular Biophysics Program)

Summer research programs: in Binder in Chemistry Office.
2 Bulletin Boards:
Opposite Room 56 Hall-Atwater
- Grad school posters
Chem Major bulletin boards near Chem. Office
- Special announcements about internships & job opportunities.

Lucile Blanchard
10 Hall-Atwater, x2572

See research advisor or department Chair. Every effort is made to provide a stipend (averaging $3,000) for any undergraduate wishing to do research over the summer at Wesleyan. See also Hughes.


Three-ring binder in Cady Lounge, Room 255 Science Tower.
Bulletin boards on 2nd floor Science Tower, near rm 201.
The Society of Physics Students meets on Monday nights at 10pm in the Cady Lounge.


Ana Milardo
Room 207 SC, x 2030
amilardo@wesleyan. edu
Kara Beauchamp,
Professor of Physics
Society of Physics Students Advisor;
Fred Ellis
Professor of Physics

REU (NSF - Research Experiences for Undergraduates);
individual research grants,
departmental funds and awards. See faculty, or html


Bulletin board and table in downstairs hallway of Van Vleck Observatory.

Linda Shettleworth, X2130,

See faculty research advisor.Typically the department has 2-3 summer internship stipends available.

Math & Comp. Sci.

Bulletin Board in 604SC (Undergraduate Room)

Nancy Procyk, 655SC, X2164,

Arrangements are made through faculty research advisor


Grad info- long bulletin board, 1st Floor of Judd Hall, divided up into about 6 different areas of pysch.
3 other bulletin board locations:
- 1st floor at bottom of staircase
- 2nd floor next to lounge, rm 200
- 2nd floor across from rm 200

Cathy Race

Students make arrangements directly with psychology faculty. See also Hughes.


(Science in Society Program)

Contact Joe Rouse

Prof. Joseph Rouse,
Chair, Science in Society Program, x3655


WIS, L.F. Appel & A. Jones, 12/99