People of all genders and majors are welcome! To RSVP to our events, please contact Maureen Snow (

Kick-off Meeting: An Afternoon of Tea with Peers and STEM Faculty, with special guest Michelle Francl! 
Thursday 2/19/15 at 4PM in the Butterfield Room at the Wasch Center
We'll start with a few announcements and updates, and then set you loose to catch up with your peers and chat with the STEM profs.  We're expecting faculty from astronomy, biology, chemistry, MB&B, math, physics, and psychology, so no matter what kind of science you like, there will be cookies and conversation right up your alley!

Grad School Panel
Thursday 3/26/15 at 8PM in Woodhead Lounge
Ask recent (and a couple of not-so-recent) grads about applying to grad school and what it's like to be a grad student.  We'll have a good sampling across the sciences, including medicine.

WesCourses: Peer Mentor Lunch
Friday 4/3/15 at 12:00-1:00 PM in 201 Shanklin
Get help planning out your courses. WesCourses is a peer-mentor lunch that's a great opportunity to get student-input on class selection during preregistration for the spring semester. Get the lowdown on the best classes and profs from upperclass(wo)men.  No faculty allowed!  Lunch will be served.

Science Careers/Industry Panel
Monday 4/13/15 at 7PM in Room 12 in 41 Wyllys
What can you do with your science degree OTHER than grad school? Ask professionals in industry and medicine about their career paths and opportunities to use your STEM degree outside of academia. Dinner will be provided.

Women of Color in Stem Forum
co- sponsored with SUSS 
Tuesday, 4/21/15, 6:30-8:30pm in Room Allbritton 004
Double Jeopardy: A Discussion on Intersectionality

Lab Tour 
Monday, 4/27/15, 4PM
Charles Sanislow, Associate Professor of Psychology
Professor Sanislow maintains an active lab on campus focused on the study of affect and stress-related disorders, and new approaches to diagnosing mental disorders.

Late Night Study Break
Monday, 5/11/15 from 9:00pm - 1am in the Chemistry Lounge (Hall-Atwater 6)
Take a break from the stress of studying for finals by catching up with friends and refueling with caffeine and snacks! Or just form a study group and enjoy a pick-me-up! Donuts and coffee will be provided.

Faculty Lunches

March 2, Noon
Janet Burge, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Prof. Burge is a researcher in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence in Design.  In addition to an illustrious academic career, she also has over 20 years experience as a software engineer and AI researcher, so she's a great person to ask about careers in industry as well.

Upcoming Talks by Female Scientists

February 11

Merav Opher (Boston University)
The New Heliosphere: What are We Learning about Astrospheres?
4pm, VVO 110

February 19
Michelle Francl (Bryn Mawr)
One-sided stories: The oddly strained structures of moebiusenes
12pm, Exley 121

February 19
Stavroula Foteinopoulou (University of New Mexico)
Title TBA
4:30pm, Exley 58

February 26
Danielle Ignace (Smith College)
Title TBA
12pm, Exley 121

February 26 
Maria Kilfoil (U Mass)
Title TBA
4:30pm, Exley 58

March 4
Knicole Colon (Lehigh University)
Solving the Mystery of the Planetary Desert with Kepler and KELT
4pm, Van Vleck Observatory 110

March 5

Valerie Horseley
Title TBA
12pm, Exley 121

April 2
Jill Wruble
Radiologist and Ethical Provocateur
"Watchful Waiting: Why you should think twice about medical testing”
Noon – 12:30 PM
Shanklin 107

April 9
Willoughby Britton (Brown University)
Title TBA
12pm, Exley 121

April 23
Mary Baylies (Sloan Kettering)
Title TBA
12pm, Exley 121

April 29
Sara Seager (MIT)
Title TBA
4pm, Van Vleck Observatory 110


Talks and Lectures

Chemistry: Exploiting Structural Diversity in Nucleosid/Nucleobase Drug Design
Katherine Seley-Radtke (U. Maryland, Baltimore County)
September 19, 3:30pm, Hall-Atwater 84

Physics: Title TBA
Candice Etson (Tufts University)
September 25, 4:30pm, Exley 58

Astronomy: Observational Assessment of Stellar Feedback in Star-Forming Regions
Laura Lopez (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
October 8, 4pm, Van Vleck Observatory 110

E&ES: Constraints on the igneous evolution of the Martian crust from remote sensing
A. Deanne Rogers (SUNY Stony Brook)
October 16, 12pm, Exley 405

Psychology/Neuroscience & Behavior: Building Up and Breaking Down Complex Words
Barbara Juhasz (Wesleyan)
October 28, 12pm, Exley 121

Astronomy: Feeding the Massive Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
Daryl Haggard (Amherst College)
October 29, 4pm, Van Vleck Observatory 110

Biology:  Novelty, homology and transformation: are swim bladders modified lungs?
Amy McCune (Cornell University)
November 6, 12pm, Exley 121

Chemistry: Title TBA
Esther Takeuchi (SUNY Stony Brook)
November 14, 3:30pm, Hall-Atwater 84

MB&B: "Separated at Birth, the Evolution of Kinase Dynamics over a Billion Years Reveals Gleevec's Selectivity"
Dorothee Kern (Brandeis University)
December 4, 12pm, Exley 121

January 21
Latoya Hicks
First African-American woman to earn a PhD in sciences at Wesleyan
4-5:30pm, Location TBA

January 29
Saundra McGuire
"Metacognition is the Key & the Journey to Excellence"
7-8:15p, 41 Wyllys, Olson Commons (CRC lobby)
Please RSVP  (

First General Meeting of the Year 
Monday 9/22/14 at 12:00 PM in Allbritton 311
Learn about WesWIS and opportunities to get involved this year! Please join us to support the promotion of women in the sciences and to weigh in with your opinions and ideas. Lunch will be served. People of all majors and genders are welcome.

Stargazing & Hot Chocolate with Astronomer Meredith Hughes
Thursday 10/23/14  at 9:30-10:30 PM in the Astronomy Library (in Van Vleck Observatory)
Join us for a night of stargazing, hot chocolate, and great company! Assistant Professor Meredith Hughes will be our celestial guide for the night. New friends and spectacular views of the universe: what could be better? Update: In case of inclement weather, we will turn this event into a hot cocoa and cookies mixer. There may also be a pop-up planetarium!

WesCourses: Peer Mentor Lunch
Wednesday 11/7/14 at 12:00-1:00 PM in Allbritton 311
Get help planning out your courses. WesCourses is a peer-mentor lunch that's a great opportunity to get student-input on class selection during preregistration for the spring semester. Lunch will be served.

Summer Program Panel
Wednesday, 11/19/14 at 8 pm in Downey House Room 113
Interested in doing summer research but don’t know where to start? Students with diverse interests including astronomy, math, computer science, biology, environmental science, and medicine, and neuroscience will tell about the application process and their experiences at REU’s (research experiences for undergraduates), Wesleyan’s summer research program, and various other summer research opportunities. For many programs, the deadline to apply is in Jan, Feb, or March, so get a head start and some insider advice from your peers!

Late Night Study Break
Monday, 12/8/14 from 8:30-10:30pm in the Chemistry Lounge (Hall-Atwater 6)
Take a break from the stress of studying for finals by catching up with friends and refueling with caffeine and snacks! Or just form a study group and enjoy a pick-me-up! Donuts and coffee will be provided.

Sunday 2/23/2014
WesWIS will be taking students to the annual conference centered around neuroscience and undergrad research. For those interested in being featured in the poster session, abstracts are due TBA. 

New England Health Professions Fair at Yale University
Friday 9/28/12 12:00-3:00 PM at the Lanman Center, Payne Whitney Gymnasium
WesWIS will be sponsoring transportation for a limited number of students to attend the fair featuring representatives from: Allopathic, Osteopathic Medicine, & M.D./Ph.D. Programs, Dental Medicine, Nursing, Public Health Optometry, Podiatric Medicine, and Physicians Assistant Post-Baccalaureate Studies.

Post-Graduate Panel
Thursday 3/28/13 at 7 PM in Usdan 108
Come learn about the various opportunities in graduate studies from representatives in a wide range of disciplines. Dinner will be served, RSVP required.

Panelists include:

  • Yashoda Sharma, Project Coordinator at Yale University School of Medicine
  • Megan King, Assistant Professor at Yale University School of Medicine
  • Janeen Skutnik-Wilson, Partner of NSF-DBA at NSF International
  • Ethel Pippin: Strategic Marketing and Product Leader at MassMutual Financial Group, Founder of Almega Consulting Group 

Faculty Lunches

Andrea Roberts, Organic Chemistry Lab Professor

Joyce Powzyk, Biology Department

Matthew Kurtz, Psychology Department

Martha Gilmore, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Psyche Loui, Psychology Department

Lab Tours

Erika Taylor, Chemistry Department
Rich Olson, MB&B Department
Ann Burke, Biology Department
Amy McQueen, MB&B Department