Creative Writing Concentration

The Creative Writing Concentration is a competitive program within the English major that is geared toward students who wish to pursue an intensive specialization in creative writing in the context of advanced literary study.

The Creative Writing Concentration supports a rigorous study of contemporary writing practices and their roots, influences, and precursors.  Students learn that writing is a practice that involves an ongoing negotiation of the tensions between creativity and discipline, experimentation and structure, critical analysis and textual production.

In addition to meeting the core requirements for the English major, students must complete four courses within the concentration: 1) a Techniques course or an Intermediate Workshop; 2) an Intermediate or Advanced Workshop; 3) an Intermediate or Advanced Workshop; 4) a Special Topics course or other genre-focused course. (An Advanced Workshop may be repeated for credit.) The Intermediate and Advanced Workshops and some Special Topics courses are enrolled by permission of instructor through an application process explained on the course pages in WesMaps.

Students who intend to concentrate in Creative Writing must complete an Intermediate or Advanced Workshop with a grade of B+ or higher.  They should also be aware that they are not guaranteed a place in Creative Writing permission of instructor (POI) courses and that admission to the concentration is not guaranteed.  A student cannot enroll in more than one Intermediate or Advanced Workshop offered in the same term.

As students pursue the Creative Writing Concentration, they should keep alternative concentrations in mind.  Students who have not been able to successfully complete the four courses required for this concentration - or have not fulfilled the grade requirement in an Intermediate or Advanced Workshop - will find that nearly all the courses they have taken will contribute to the Theory and Literary Forms Concentration.  Please note that students are free to pursue any of the other concentrations.