Boylan Award

Awarded in 2011 for an outstanding piece of nonfiction: you are welcome to submit creative nonfiction, journalistic work or writing aimed at general readers.  Do not submit academic papers.  Students in any major may submit material; preference given to students working toward the Writing Certificate. The winner will have a chance to talk with novelist Jennifer Boylan to discuss careers in writing and publishing.

To apply please submit:

  1. A cover sheet that includes:
    1. the name of prize for which you are applying
    2. the title of your submission,
    3. your name, class year, & Wes ID number
    4. your contact information: email address, cell phone number, post office box number.
  2. One copy of the piece of writing you are submitting: the submission must be a clean copy, double-spaced, with author's name and page number on every page. You may submit no more than one piece (a total of 30 pages). Your work will not be returned.

All students are invited to apply; preference to students working toward the writing certificate.