The English Department awards Winchester Fellowships for graduate work in writing. The Fellowship is particularly intended to support work for the Ph.D. You must already be admitted to a graduate program in order to receive a fellowship. The fellowship and the application procedure are described below. The deadline of Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. is firm. All material, including letters of recommendation, should be in by that date.

Winchester awards will be made to the same person no more than twice, except in unusual circumstances.

The Winchester award is intended to be used as a substantial supplement to fellowships, teaching assistantships, and the like, or to enable students to undertake research or travel.

Policy: The Department will consider your academic achievement at Wesleyan, your potential for achievement in graduate school, and your financial need. These three considerations may not be applied with equal weight in every case, but all three will have some bearing on the award.

Procedure: If you wish to apply for a Winchester Fellowship, please submit to the English Department office an application which includes:

a) a letter describing how you plan to use the fellowship

b) a copy of your Wesleyan transcript and transcript(s) for any graduate work you have completed

c) a financial statement, listing expenses and income (other fellowships, job, savings, etc.) Please request a specific amount from the Winchester Committee. Most awards are in the $2,000--$2,500 range.

d) the names of two people who have agreed to supply letters of recommendation by the deadline below. If you are a senior or have not begun graduate school, these should be members of the English department. If you are already in graduate school, at least one letter must be from a member of your graduate department.

Letters of recommendation can be sent as electronic files to: with the Subject heading: Winchester Fellowship recommendation. Hard copy recommendations should be sent to: Attn: Liz Tinker, Winchester Fellowship, English Department, Wesleyan University, 294 High Street Middletown, CT 06459.

e) Electronic submissions should be sent in PDF format to: with the Subject heading: Writing Prize—Winchester Fellowship. Hard copy submissions should be addressed: English Department, Winchester Fellowship, Wesleyan University, 294 High Street #204, Middletown, CT 06459, Attn: Liz Tinker

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 4:30 PM.