Wesleyan Writers Conference

If you are interested in registering after May 27th, please complete the online form.
Also contact either Anne or Sharon directly to discuss details.


The deadline for manuscript submission is MAY 27, 2015.

At the conference, the teaching faculty will read a limited number of manuscripts.  If you would like to have a manuscript consultation, register promptly. By the deadline above, please mail a representative sample of your work in one genre; for example, ten poems, the first chapters of a novel (plus an outline or summary); or several short stories or nonfiction pieces. Please do not send more than 35 pages of material. Feel free to bring longer portions of your work when you come to campus.  At the conference, Teaching Fellows (junior faculty) will be available to read this additional work informally.  

Please send your manuscript to us by mail, not email.  This printed copy should reach us by the May 27th deadline: 

  • Send one printed copy of your manuscript.  (Bring a second copy with you to the conference).
  • Include a brief cover letter that indicates:
    1. your contact information
    2. the genre of your manuscript (short story, novel, poetry, nonfiction)
  •  Address manuscripts to: Anne Greene, Wesleyan Writers Conference, Wesleyan University, 294 High Street, Room 207, Middletown, CT 06459.

Reminder - Please do not submit a manuscript by email.