Teagle Initiative

Teagle Seminar for the Teaching of Writing:

Each semester faculty from all three divisions meet as part of an eight-week seminar to develop and share knowledge about effective strategies for the teaching of expository writing. Led by Sean McCann, Professor of English and Director of the Center for Faculty Career Development, and by Anne Greene, University Professor of English, Director, Writing Certificate and Director, Wesleyan Writers Conference, the seminar consults the best recent literature on writing pedagogy and the role of ongoing assessment in improving learning outcomes. It serves as a forum for faculty to discuss strategies for improving student writing and to share their experiences and insights concerning effective classroom approaches. The seminar also provides a faculty setting for the review and consideration of survey data on Wesleyan students’ experience of writing instruction.

This seminar is part of a project funded by the Teagle Foundation. The grant supports a collaborative initiative between Wesleyan University and Amherst College designed to enhance the teaching of writing and to develop a means of assessing the effectiveness of strategies for teaching writing.

If you would like to be involved in a future seminar or have any questions, please email Sean McCann at smccann@wesleyan.edu or Anne Greene at agreene@wesleyan.edu.