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Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

Academic Affairs is made up of four students,  two of which vote alongside six faculty members on the Wesleyan Educational Policy Committee(EPC.)  Academic Affairs addresses academic issues, including reviews of programs and departments, academic regulations, library policy as well as general academic procedures.


Benedict Bernstein '09 (Chair)
Jeff Stein '10 (Chair)
David Markowitz '11
Cordelia Blanchard '12

WSA — Wesleyan Student Assembly

WSA Administrative Office:
45 Wyllys Ave, Room 104
Middletown, CT 06459
phone: (860) 685-2410
fax: (860)685-2411
hours: 9am-6pm M-F
Wesleyan Student Group Building
190 High Street
building hours: 12n - 12am