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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is composed of the President of the WSA and the seven chairs of the other committees. The EC meets once a week to discuss current issues and determine the best course of action, and once a month with the President of the University. The EC is also responsible for setting the agenda for the following week's general WSA meeting.

Mike Pernick '10 President
Saul Carlin '09 Vice President
Bradley Spahn '11 Coordinator
R. Chris Goy '10 Treasurer
Elise Rosenthal '11 COCo Chair
Benedict Bernstein '09 EPC Chair
Jen Liebschutz '11 FiFaC Chair
Becky Weiss '10 SAC Chair

WSA — Wesleyan Student Assembly

WSA Administrative Office:
45 Wyllys Ave, Room 104
Middletown, CT 06459
phone: (860) 685-2410
fax: (860)685-2411
hours: 9am-6pm M-F
Wesleyan Student Group Building
190 High Street
building hours: 12n - 12am