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Finances and Facilities Committee (FiFaC)

Composed of six members, the Finance and Facilities Committee is responsible for monitoring and recommending changes to Wesleyan's facilities and finances. The committee's chair, Jen Liebschutz co-chairs the Dining Committee, holds the student seat on the Major Maintenance Committee, and sits on the Molecular and Life Sciences Building Committee. Finance and Facilities members also influence decisions regarding sustainability, transportation, investment, and financial aid at Wesleyan.


Jen Liebschutz '11 (Chair)
Amy Blume '11
Alexandra San Roman '11
Genevieve Hutchings '12
Chris Choi '09
Vickie Wing Yee Cheng '10

WSA — Wesleyan Student Assembly

WSA Administrative Office:
45 Wyllys Ave, Room 104
Middletown, CT 06459
phone: (860) 685-2410
fax: (860)685-2411
hours: 9am-6pm M-F
Wesleyan Student Group Building
190 High Street
building hours: 12n - 12am