About EON

Founded as a successor to the now-defunct student group Earth, Equality, Education (E3), the Environmental Organizers' Network is a coalition of students who recognize the dire need that more local, national, and global attention be given to environmental issues, whether it be water and air pollution, wilderness preservation, or global climate change. While the environmental movement has gained some momentum in recent years with the imminent threat of global climate change coming to the forefront, governmental, corporate, and institutional responses to environmental issues have been inadequate at best.

EON takes on both Wesleyan and beyond-Wesleyan campaigns not only to bring more attention to these issues, but also to implement working solutions. We work with the Wesleyan administration, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and students to confront environmental issues on campus, as well as with the entire Wesleyan community to reach out to decision makers beyond campus to tackle these problems.

The structure of EON is non-hierarchical--meaning there is no single "leader" or "organizer." Meetings always begin with introductions and quick news. Then we split into smaller groups that focus on specific campaigns/projects. We try not to spend too much of the Monday night meeting in these small groups, since we prefer to use the once per week whole group meeting as a time to network and help each other out with various projects and issues.