Projects & Resources
Do it in the Dark (Ongoing)

"Do it in the Dark" is an energy competition among wood frame houses on campus. Energy data is released each month and updated on the website. There, residents can access house rankings as well as tips on reducing energy consumption. Participating? Download the guide here.

Waste Not! Collection and Tag Sale (Spring-Fall 2009)

Waste Not (formerly Westuff) is happening again this year! Take a look at the website for more information about this year's collection and sale. Two years ago, in 2007, was the first annual WeStuff sale. At the end of the spring semester, EON collected students' unwanted clothes, furniture, electronics, umbrellas, mattresses, etc. Everything was stored over the summer and sold back to the community as a fundraiser for local charities. The inaugural WeStuff sale raised over $1000. If you're interested in helping out, email or!

Focus the Nation (Spring 2009)

This year EON is organizing a Focus the Nation speaker series over the course of April, "Earth Month" at Wesleyan! This will culminate in a "Town Hall Meeting" on April 25th, focusing on environmental policy in Connecticut. Though we are not holding events on the official Focus the Nation day (April 18) due to scheduling conflicts, we hold our Town Hall Meeting in solidarity with thousands of universities, schools, businesses, and places of worship. Our speaker series (in lieu of a full day of panels) will include talks by Laura McMillan from the CT Fund for the Environment, Shalini Kantayya an eco-filmmaker, and a meeting with state representatives and other elected officials from around Middletown to address climate change on a state level. See the full schedule here.

Composting Program (Ongoing)

EON members are in charge of compost pick-up and transportation to Long Lane Farm, where two earth tubs process the material. EON's Waste committee recently acquired funding for 10 backyard composters, which will be installed at various locations on campus. Individual buckets are available for houses and residence halls. Email or if you'd like to request a bucket.

President's Climate Commitment and Community Climate Commitment (Fall 2007)

EON met with President Michael Roth in Fall 2007 and urged him to sign the President's Climate Commitment. We also drafted a Community Climate Commitment as a related pledge (available through your e-portfolio) that members of the Wesleyan community could sign. A recap of the whole process can be found here.

Molecular Life and Sciences Building (Ongoing)

EON is involved with the planning of the new Molecular Life and Sciences Building (MLSB) in multiple ways. EON member Jacob Mirsky sits on the building committee and last year EON drafted a petition advocating for the sustainability of the building. The text of the petition as well as other information pertaining to the MLSB is accessible through Blackboard.

Swap-O-Rama (Spring 2007)

EON organized a clothes swap in Spring 2007. Yay.

Sustainability Committee and Office (Spring 2007-present), Sustainability Interns

EON was instrumental in the formation of the Sustainability Committee and is currently advocating for an Office of Sustainability. 11 Members of EON sit on the Committee. Download the original proposal(pdf). EON was also key in the formation of three Sustainability Intern positions to work alongside director of Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability Bill Nelligan. These interns serve as liaisons between the administration and the students.

Step It Up March (Fall 2006-Spring 2007)

EON organized rallies in conjunction with Step It Up, an organization devoted to climate change action and awareness, on April 14, 2007 and November 3, 2007. For more information from the Step It Up team, see 1Sky, the coalition that grew out of the Step It Up initiative.