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Resolution on the Process for Choosing the Student Commencement Speaker

Whereas the Senior Class Officers are an external standing committee of the Wesleyan Student Assembly,

Whereas there is no current, official codification of the process for choosing a student Commencement speaker,

Whereas the purpose of the student Commencement speaker is to speak on behalf of the entire graduating class,

Whereas the current method for choosing the student Commencement speaker is not necessarily in keeping with this purpose, therefore be it

  1. Resolved that the student Commencement speaker shall be chosen by a committee composed of the Senior Class Officers and the Faculty Marshall; and be it further
  2. Resolved that the Senior Class Dean shall serve on this committee in an advisory role and shall not have a vote; and be it further
  3. Resolved that this committee shall be chaired by the Senior Class President,with chairmanship reverting to the Senior Class Vice President, then the Senior Class Treasurer, then the Senior Class Secretary should the chair recuse hirself; and be it further
  4. Resolved that vacated student seats on this committee shall be filled, in order of votes received in the spring elections by the Senior Class Representatives; and be it further
  5. Resolved that this committee shall, in the spring, solicit single-page typed responses from the entire graduating class to the question, “What has your Wesleyan experience meant to you?” and be it further
  6. Resolved that no student serving on the committee shall be allowed to submit an application to the committee; and be it further
  7. Resolved that the Senior Class Dean shall be responsible for receiving these submissions and disseminating them to the committee with any personal identification of the applicant removed; and be it further
  8. Resolved that the committee shall choose no less than three and no more than five applicants to be interviewed by the committee and shall choose one applicant from this pool to be the student Commencement speaker; and be it further
  9. Resolved that the committee is expected to seek outside input when it deems it appropriate; and be it further
  10. Resolved that this committee shall first be convened for the Commencement in the spring of 2010.

Passed by the WSA’s General Assembly the 19th of October, 2008

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