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Dining Committee

  • The administration is committed to maintaining the status quo so that Bon Appetit does not run over budget, which would force the university to subsidize it with funds we do not have. Therefore, the Pi Cafe- Usdan Cafe hours swap did not occur, and to-go at dinner at Usdan will not be an option this semester. We're pushing for them to happen next semester.
  • We gave a number of small suggestions that Bon Appetit is working on.
  • Summerfields soup-salad meal bundle is most likely coming!

Business Continuity Committee

  • Cliff Ashton and Dave Meyer briefed President Roth regarding the latest revision of the Wesleyan Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plan just before the Christmas Break. The briefing was well received. The plan is with President Roth for his review and approval.
  • The Pandemic Response plan had been updated and was issued for Business Continuity Planning Committee review and approval.
  • A table top emergency planning exercise was held December 18 with Residential Life staff. The staff performed well and appreciated the opportunity to have the drill.
  • The City of Middletown will be conducting an emergency management drill on April 17. The drill will simulate providing safe haven for Middletown residents ollowing a major storm. The committee agreed that we would like to observe the drill with goal of conducting a similar drill here on campus.
  • It was agreed that setup and testing of the Usdan University Center emergency generator connection would be tested shortly after commencement.
  • It was agreed that the committee would meet every other month in lieu of current monthly meeting schedule.


  • Genevieve- EL
  • Chris- EA
  • Amy- P
  • Ali- A
  • Vickie- P
  • Jen- P

Organization and External Affairs Committee

  • ITS, Blogs, Website
    • Saul and Cesar met with Ravi to press the case for allowing more flexibility for students to post user-generated content on the web, among other topics
    • ITS decided to revamp their approach to student/student group blogs and aims to have a new platform up for Saul to test, around February 20
    • Using this platform, we’ll have full and total control over the customizability of our blog, as will all students who use it. The process to get a blog will be streamlined.
  • Banner
    • The WSA will have a banner announcing our meeting times for next week’s meeting.
  • Reunion and Commencement
    • Benedict and Saul met with UR about holding a reception at this year’s reunion and commencement. We hope to institutionalize this and build more affinity with WSA/Student Senate alumni and are looking at amending the bylaws to require OEAC to work with UR to make this reception happen every year.
  • NYT Speaker
    • NYT Op/Ed columnist Roger Cohen will speak at the Memorial Chapel on March 4 about “The New Middle East and its Challenges for America”. OEAC is working with NYT representatives on publicity.

OEAC 2/4/09

Meherazade — Excused Absence

Cesar — Late

All others present on time

Executive Committee

  • University Outreach Committee
    • University Outreach Committee student members met and identified three core components to the conversation: messaging and branding strategy, third-party web platforms, and Wesleyan web platform. We’re looking forward to the meeting
  • Budget Priorities committee met and looked at the increased strain on the endowment and the impact that will have in budget cuts and revenue enhancement options. The continued decline in the endowment leaves us with a projected deficit of approximately $19 mil.
    • Although it is still under consideration, no cuts to financial aid have been proposed
    • There will be no increase in class size beyond the increase in target from 715 to 745, which will be maintained indefinitely
  • Mike, Becky, and Adam I. prepared a memo for their Fire Safety meeting tomorrow. Feel free to ask them about it.
Name: BPC (2/2); EC (2/5)>

Saul Carlin EL P
Bradley Spahn N/A P
Benedict Bernstein N/A L
Chris Goy N/A A
Elise Rosenthal N/A P
Becky Weiss N/A L
Jen Liebschutz EL P

Student Affairs Committee

  • Undergraduate Residential Life Committee (URLC)
    • The URLC finished last semesters’ discussion regarding General Room Selection (GRS) point bumps for students who take leave for a semester and consequently graduate a semester later than the rest of their original class. We voted to give these students a .5 bump so that they will be at the bottom of their original class and at the top of their new class. When they are second-semester juniors and seniors they will receive a full 3 points just as all seniors do.
    • For instance [my apologies for the length of this example but this gets a bit confusing]:
      • If a student goes on leave during the fall of her sophomore year she will return in the spring as a first semester sophomore. During GRS she will have 1.5 points because she will technically still be a sophomore in the fall while the rest of her original class will ommbecome juniors. Thus she will have .5 less than juniors and .5 more than sophomores and thus will either get the “worst” junior housing or the “best” sophomore housing.
      • We decided on a .5 bump instead of a .1 bump (which is given to students who do not get “class appropriate” housing) because we felt it was fair to ensure that the student is at the bottom of her former class year (rather than mixed in with students from her new class year).
      • When this student becomes a second-semester junior (when members of her original class year are first-semester seniors) she will get a full 1 point bump so that she will be equal to her former classmates. She will thus receive 3 points just like “regular” seniors and will have equal access to senior housing and will be able to go in to a group with her “original” friends without bringing the group’s point average down.
      • During the following year, as a second-semester senior (after her original class has graduated), she will gain no additional point bump and thus will have the same access to housing as the rest of her “new” class with 3 points.
      • We elected to give no additional point bump during the final semester because of the unique nature of senior housing at Wesleyan. We felt it was unfair to give these students access to the “best” senior houses and also found it problematic that they would be vacating these houses during the middle of the academic year.

Student Life Committee (SLC)

  • The SLC had its first meeting of the semester on Thursday. We welcomed guests Dr. Phillippa Coughlan, Director of the Office of Behavioral Health (OBHS), and Joyce Walter, Director of Health Services. They shared the results of OBHS’ Fall 2008 survey. The survey indicated that many students are not satisfied with OBHS’ counseling services, with students who have utilized the services rating them higher than those who have not, indicating that there are many misperceptions about OBHS on campus. The office is currently trying to improve student outreach with a brochure in the works that will highlight common misperceptions as well as an updated website that will serve as a resource to students.
  • SLC Fountain Sub-committees have begun meeting and are on the path to doing great things.

Student Health Advisory Committee

Karl is our new rep. It met and discussed minor changes to the way students register for insurance.

Fire Safety & Facilities Appeals Board

It met on Friday. More details to follow.

Name: SAC; SLC

Adam Ilowite P P
David Goldman P P
Jaynice DelRosario P P
Karl Grindal P P
Micah Feiring P P
Morgan Mc Cray P P
Becky Weiss P P

Academic Affairs Committee

EPC met as usual

  • We discussed proposed changes to the Dance Major
  • We also discussed proposed changes for the five-year calendar

Cordelia has been working to schedule the first meeting of the Student Library Advisory Committee.

  • This meeting will focus on coping with the financial system while working to improve library services for students
  • SLAC will also be planning walkthroughs of all libraries with FiFac and physical plant to think about long term facilities upgrades and short-term environmental efficiency and usability fixes.
  • If students have concerns about academic policy that they would like AAC to address this semester, now is the time to let us now about them.
  • Academic Affairs, in conjunction with the Mellon Assembly is working to set up a taskforce on student-faculty research collaboration. We will be looking for membership and if you have interest please let me know.

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